What makes JoyRide different from other group fitness training is the energy that you feel as soon as you walk into the studio. Surrounded by bursts of color that are bound to wipe the sleep out of your eyes during an early morning class and the smiles from the staff and the members, the enthusiasm is contagious.

The fifty-minute indoor cycling class is composed of a series of intervals set to a music playlist uniquely compiled by each instructor. The beauty of the class is that an intense workout maximizes results in a relatively short time frame. In addition to the traditional class, there are a number of options to choose from. Check out the detailed class descriptions online. Classes not only focus on providing a complete aerobic and anaerobic workout, but cultivating positive vibes and getting in touch with the joy that exercise brings both emotionally and physically.

Mariana Palhares Nery-Buckmir has been a JoyRide member for the past five years and loves the experience, “It’s a super kind community. Everyone is so nice! The trainers are the best ones around. There are a variety of classes from Pilates to boxing, cycling and dance. Try it. It’s addictive.”

Mackenzie Pretty, one of the inspirational instructors at the Westport JoyRide location incorporates her passion for fitness with motivational anecdotes. During a Tabataride class that focused on interval training to increase heart rate and initiate metabolism, Mackenzie expressed the importance of supporting each other. She shared a story about the Boston Marathon runner who only won the event because of the help she received from a fellow competitor. She encouraged us to internalize the lesson and apply it not only to the workout, but to different struggles that we encounter in our daily lives. When it gets hard she said, “Push through the boundaries, be persistent and never give up.”

With four Connecticut locations, it’s easy to find a JoyRide near you. Bring some joy to your life. For more information and to reserve your class, visit: https://www.joyridestudio.com/