Core Contour, a Lagree Fitness studio has recently opened in Fort Lauderdale. Owner Jen Capps, describes the benefits of this new fitness option that is guaranteed to shake up your traditional routine and breathe life back into your workout.

Dana:  How did you get involved in the fitness industry?

Jen:  I became interested in physical and mental fitness during my late teen years after discovering yoga. The healing benefits of my yoga practice sparked a passion in me to explore deeper into fitness and wellness. During college, I dove into everything from personal training, to ariel yoga, to HIIT classes in addition to developing a meditation practice and improving my dietary choices. I started to see that healthy living came from the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional work. While studying fitness and spirituality during my personal time, I was earning a Bachelors degree in Business Management. Once I discovered Lagree Fitness™, it made sense to me to combine my business sense with my passion for wellness and personal growth by opening my own studio, which was where the idea of Core Contour was born.

Dana:  What inspires you and keeps you motivated?

Jen:  My ultimate goal in fitness is to look and feel my best while maintaining optimal functionality in my body as I age so that I can continue to use it as a vehicle for enjoying and experiencing life. One of my greatest inspirations is my grandfather who at 89 years old, continues to lead an active lifestyle and challenges himself with new experiences. He is an avid diver, and recently tried gymnastics and kickboxing. He now does the Megaformer workout at Core Contour, as well. People like my grandfather serve as my reminder that the choices I make today will impact my quality of life later – so I better make mindful choices!

Dana:  What do you think is unique about Core Contour?

Jen:  Core Contour is a Lagree Fitness studio, which is the workout of celebrities and athletes such as Sophia Vergara, Kim Kardashian, Michelle Obama, and Paul Green, and Andy Sutton. The Megaformer class is a Pilates-inspired workout enhanced by the Lagree Fitness Training Method, which gives clients the intensity they need for total body transformation. Each workout improves strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, and stability by moving slowly and with control to access the slow-twitch muscle fiber. By effectively stimulating the muscles, you will push your body past the threshold of change, which delivers quick results in as little as 4 sessions. As an added bonus, the workout doesn’t impact the joints, spine, or connective tissue, making it suitable for those with joint and lower back issues. This is a workout challenges the seasoned athlete, the first-time gym goer, and everyone in between.

Dana:  What are the benefits of the workout at Core Contour as opposed to other modalities?

Jen:  At Core Contour, the slower you move, the faster you get results! The routine is different every time, so your body is constantly challenged and will never reach a plateau. As clients quickly progress in strength, the workout will become easier to do, but never easy. The Megaformer workout eliminates impact and intensifies muscle contraction, giving you a cardio element and placing the body in the fat-burning zone. The result is strong, yet flexible, muscle definition, weight loss, and improved endurance, balance, and stability.