Drawing upon twenty years of experience in the hospitality industry, Dana utilizes her ability to think outside of the box, combined with her keen powers of observation, to craft professional and objective feature stories. Producing timely articles to share with her audience in a reflective and honest voice, she uses delectable details to tantalize your senses and brings a passion for everything delicious in life.

Consistently ranked in the top five examiners in her region, Dana has built a following of readers. This readership is based on the relationships that she has cultivated with a network of individuals. Dana is grateful for the opportunity to continue to forge strong bonds with marketing agents, public relations personnel, publicists, hotel and restaurant managers, service industry staff and budding entrepreneurs. With a wealth of network connections, Dana is in the know on the best places to visit from South Beach to NYC.

What started in 2010 as just notes on a cocktail napkin, her writing has grown into 70 feature articles, and counting.  Dana has expanded to not only feature cover stories about restaurants but, hotels, spas, concerts, local events, fitness, celebrity interviews and interesting products hitting the market. Dana’s passion for writing is evident through the unique perspective she shares with her readers as well as her attention to detail.

Before you dine out, check in with Dana. Specializing in anything delicious in life!

Previously published on examiner.com, her content can now be found exclusively on her own platform: Danaliciousreviews.com