In a world full of imposters, it’s refreshing to see a brand stripping down to the basics and providing full transparency with their product. Kara Freedman, New York City native and founder of Baked by Nature created her rolled oat bites in the hopes of reintroducing the market to something with no gimmicks, no fillers, just goodness. Freedman’s mission is to, “Create delicious, natural, wholesome oat bites without harmful ingredients.”

Baked by Nature oat bites are made with gluten-free oats, they are dairy-free and unsweetened with no extra sugar or artificial flavors. Plus, each oat bite is packed with 2-3 grams of protein. Freedman believes, “When you allow nature to do the work, we all win.” Currently the oat bites flavors are chocolate chip, coconut honey and hazelnut coffee, but Freedman plans to roll out new flavors based on public demand.

Baked by Nature empathizes with the affects of the health crisis on the community. To show their appreciation to healthcare workers, they are donating 1000 oat bites to New York City hospitals. Customers can order online and designate the hospital to which they would like to receive the oat bites. Each bag gifted will be accompanied by a personalized message to honor the men and women who are selflessly working to keep everyone safe.

Freedman discussed the launch of her brand, Baked by Nature, how the idea came to fruition, her inspiration and plans for the future.

How did you get the idea for Baked by Nature?

My Grandpa was an incredible man who I truly admired. After escaping the Holocaust and fleeing to America, he was drafted by the US to fight in WWII – where he was injured and received a Purple Heart. He died last August at 99, but always placed an emphasis on wellness, and as an entrepreneur himself, inspired me to start Baked by Nature.

What inspires you about what you’re doing with your product and brand?

I am inspired by natural food – and love when you know what you’re putting in your body. My Baked by Nature Oat Bites are completely natural, have no preservatives and zero added sugar. I am inspired by the fact that my product is simply nature’s best.

What sets Baked by Nature apart from other health conscious products?

Baked by Nature Oat Bites have six ingredients or less in each Bite. Most “healthy” food companies produce products with ingredients that you cannot pronounce (and would not want to ingest). We offer a light and small, natural option that is perfect for breakfast, post-work snack or quick treat.

Tell me about a story that prompted the need for you to create your concept.

I had been testing out different recipes for my home use and starting sharing with my family and friends. The reactions were amazing and everyone wanted to buy them. I knew right then and there I was on to something.

What is your vision for the company?

I will begin selling online and then would like to expand into retail. I will expand the product line, as time goes on, introducing new flavors and having seasonal, limited time offer options, too.

What is your philosophy about health and wellness?

I believe nature has the best answer. If you eat natural and what makes your body feel good, you are taking your wellness journey.

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur?

I have toyed with the idea my whole life. My mom tells a funny story about how she brought me to work with her when I was four. She told me to hand out cookies and I came back with money. My mom then asked me where the money came from, and I told her one person gave me money, so I started charging people.

What do you love about New York City?

NYC is truly the heartbeat of the country (and arguably the world). It is amazing to be connected to the epicenter of business and think the connections I have (and have made) will only allow me to grow faster, and in a smarter way. I cannot imagine living anywhere else right now, or starting this business in any other city.

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