Local celebrity and social media sensation, Albert, better known as Albert-on-Wheels has captured hearts with his survival story.

Albert, an eight-year-old shih tzu-poodle mix was found after being abandoned on the side of the road in Arkansas. His injuries caused him to be paralyzed from the hips down rendering him unable to walk. The rescue collected enough in donations to fit him with custom-made doggie wheels and Albert’s journey began.

“I was looking for a dog for a friend on the Adopt A Pet website and stumbled upon Albert and fell in love with his smile! I never considered adopting a special needs, dog but something made me fill out the application that night – even though he was over 1000 miles away!” says Jill Lawson, Albert’s mom.

You can find Albert with his siblings: Norman and Pancakes at the beach, marina and the lake. Albert’s disability doesn’t limit his activity. In fact, this happy, little guy loves the outdoors and views each day as a new adventure. “I don’t see him as disabled, but differently abled,” says Lawson. Albert has quite the personality, so much so, that his mom calls him “Bossy Pants.” The nickname has led to the creation of t-shirts that raise money to help shelters, like the one that gave Albert a second chance at life. Bossy Pants spreads awareness about special needs dogs, showing how they can live fulfilling lives. Order your Wheel Chair Don’t Care t-shirt now at: https://www.bonfire.com/wheel-chair-dont-care/

Albert’s story has inspired so many. Whether he makes someone smile or shows that the world is full of possibilities, Albert makes an impact on others. This Bossy Pants is determined to make you fall in love with him. His Instagram account has over 100,000 followers. People contact Lawson all the time thanking her saying how Albert helped them to overcome an illness or an obstacle. Albert teaches us to live in the moment and that the past doesn’t dictate our future. He will soon be expanding his celebrity status by appearing in a Dodo video sharing his story. The Dodo is a website for animal people featuring animal-related stories and videos. Stay tuned for Albert’s debut: https://www.thedodo.com/

Follow Albert on his next adventure @albertonwheels