Now releasing his impressive tenth album, “Small Town Dreams” many attribute the longevity of Will Hoge’s music career to his soulful voice and original lyrics that relate to everyday experiences. Crafting words that resonate with everyone, Hoge’s songs tell stories that make us reflect upon our lives. Last weekend, Hoge played Rock the Ocean’s Tortuga Music Festival on Fort Lauderdale Beach. “Country music is one of the last genres rooted in story telling. Ninety percent of country fans listen for the lyrics. The other ten percent just like the beer,” Hoge says. Just minutes after his performance on the Sunset Stage, Hoge met to discuss his music.

Dana:  What inspires your lyrics?

Will:  Really, everyday life. It can be anything from personal experience like my wife and kids. It’s a never ending well of things to draw from.

Dana:  What song is the most meaningful to you?

Will:  They all ring true in different ways, but I think, “Little Bitty Dreams” is the most personal to me at this point. The narrator of the story is kind of accepting his life where he is. We all get to a point where we have to accept where we are.

Dana:  How did you feel when you first heard your song, “Strong” on the Chevy Silverado commercial?

Will:  It was awesome. It’s an awesome feeling anytime you hear your song on the radio. It’s like the coolest feeling in the world. And, that never gets old. T.V. is even bigger since it literally goes into people’s living rooms. It’s just wonderful.

Dana:  What are you most proud of with your new album?

Will:  Well part of it is just getting to do a tenth album. A lot of people don’t even get to do a second let alone a tenth. So, the release is itself is one thing that I’m proud of. I think it’s the record that reflects where I’ve come from as a person and an artist. I love that aspect of it too.