New Haven native, Chris Jones known as “Blasian Chris” has always had music running through his veins. His parents recognized his interest in music and enrolled him in piano lessons at the age of three. He began studying classical music and continued for the next ten years. Although Jones didn’t have an instant love for classical music he grew to appreciate it. “Studying the classics taught me to work through things that I didn’t necessarily like. It also opened my eyes to experiencing other genres like 80s rock and EDM.” Ultimately, having that foundation cultivated very diverse music interests that ranged from the Notorious B.I.G., Freddy Mercury, the Steve Miller Band and even Frank Sinatra. His eclectic palate is evident in the music he produces and his desire to explore various techniques and skill sets.

Music isn’t just made in the studio. Jones often receives spontaneous inspiration in his daily life. “Sometimes I’m driving and a melody will pop into my head and I’ll think that would be a cool hook.” His commitment to creating and producing music was acknowledged when he made the prestigious Billboard ranking for his work on the album, Artist Poet in the international album category. One of Jones’s biggest achievements to date is the work he has done with American rapper, Pitbull. After being recommended by his childhood friend, Gabriel “G. Bliz” Blizman, Jones flew out to Miami to work on the album. It’s not all fun in the sun in South Florida. The hours are rigorous Jones says, “We wake up at 7am. Get to the studio by 8am and leave by 11pm, sometimes later for two weeks straight. The end product makes it all worth it.” Everyone knows that the music industry is a difficult one in which to find success. Jones maintains a positive outlook on his experiences. “You can’t be easily discouraged. Even your family might tell you to go get a trade and stop chasing a dream. You have to have a thick skin.”

Jones understands that his experiences are all part of the journey. “With any form of art whether you’re a musician, actor or author you just have to have that endurance. You have to know that at the end of the day that your current project is not your last.” His tenacity is what has propelled him to collaborate with successful artists and strive towards continual self-improvement. Today’s music is a fusion of various genres and it is common practice for artists to sample each other’s work and combine styles. Jones believes that the key to success is appealing to a wider audience. “When I first started out I just wanted to make records. Now, I want to make records that people actually like.”

The sky is the limit. Jones says that music is just the beginning. “Music is only the vehicle to next destination. One of his main goals for the future is to give back to the community. “One of the most important things about living is what you leave behind when it’s all said and done.”

Jones’s wisdom strikes a chord in which everyone can relate. His words make us reflect on our own mortality and ask the question, when the music stops, how do you want to be remembered?